Bad Drip Labs Cereal Trip E-Liquid Review

Today’s review is for the Cereal Trip flavour e-liquid by Bad Drip Labs.

Test gear:

  • Smok Alien 220W mod
  • Smok Skyhook RDTA – twisted pair coil at 0.3ohm
  • Cotton bacon wick

The e-liquid for testing was a 3mg, 10ml bottle of 80VG/20PG e-liquid which Bad Drip Labs themselves describe as:

CoNceiveD frOm the TEar dROps of crying CLoWNs is your Daddy’s faVOriTE FRUiT CEREAL, sLaThered on tOp of a gOoey fRosted DONUT, drowning iN a suGar-riCh MiLK baTH

The smell when opening the bottle was a mixture of fruit, citrus and wheaty cereal.  The citrus was a bit surprising as this isn’t mentioned anywhere in the description but I took it to be intended as a component of the cereal flavour.  The combined effect was quite pleasant.

After trying at different power ranges, I found that the ideal power for a smooth vape with the best flavour profile was at 80W+.  The first few puffs were really harsh and in order to get a reasonable vape, I had to wait for the liquid to set for at least 20 minutes before it was ready for vaping.

The inhale consists mainly of fruit and milky cereal, but there’s also distinct notes of citrus as part of the taste.  However, whilst the flavour notes can be identified the overall taste seems to be very artificial and chemically and adds quite a bit of harshness to the taste.

Compared to the manufacturer description, the doughnut seems to be missing but not really surprising considering just how many different flavours it’s trying to bring.  It might even be present but possibly masked by the strong citrus.

The flavour that I could taste was nice but ultimately I was put off by the harshness and chemical nature of the liquid.  I was quite disappointed as after reading the original description this was something I was really keen try and tried my hardest to enjoy. Whilst it contained most of the elements described it also came with the additional harshness and citrus for which I’ve deducted some marks.

Bad Drip Labs - Cereal Trip




Flavour Profile


Flavour Match



  • Smells great
  • Smooth vape
  • Good flavour profile


  • Harshness
  • Takes time to set
  • Missing doughnut
  • Tastes artificial/chemically
  • Surprise citrus flavour

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