I VG: Sweets, Desserts and Menthol Collections

I VG (previously known as I Love VG) recently launched 3 new flavour series, as well as shortfill versions of their existing I VG signature range.  Based in Lancashire, I VG, are a popular e-liquid brand with 70/30 e-liquids that are now sold as 50ml shortfill bottles for vapers to add their own nicotine using nicotine shots (if required).

I VG Sweets

Consisting of popular sweet shop flavours, such as Bubblegum (blue) million, cola bottles and drumstick lollies.

I VG Desserts

For the dessert lovers, there’s six new flavours to choose from, each one seeming more tempting than the next.

I VG Menthol

A lot of vapers love having menthol to cool the taste of their vape, and this collection from I VG caters to exactly that.  A selection of 8 e-liquids, each unique flavour packed with a menthol kick

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