Key Findings From A Report Combining Over 800 Studies On Vaping

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have published a report that combines over 800 studies to provide some conclusions on vaping. The report considers the health impact of vaping compared to smoking, as well as effects in society: using e cigarettes is advantageous for adults trying to quit smoking but can be a pathway for teens to start using conventional cigarettes.

Here’s a summary of the 11 key findings via Business Insider:

  1. There’s a higher risk of young people using cigarettes after vaping compared to those that don’t vape (substantial evidence)
  2. The amount of nicotine you’re exposed to from vaping varies greatly based on the device and e-liquid that you use (conclusive evidence)
  3. With the exception of nicotine, vaping exposes you to far fewer potentially toxic substances (substantial evidence)
  4. Vapers can result in symptoms of dependence  (substantial evidence) but the risk is lower than it is for cigarettes (moderate evidence)
  5. Switching from cigarettes to e-cigs reduces the exposure to toxins and cancer causing agents (conclusive evidence), and completely switching reduces short-term negative effects in organs like the heart and lungs (substantial evidence)
  6. Studies in animals (not yet in humans) suggest that long-term vaping can increase the risk of cancer (limited evidence)
  7. Teens that vape may see increased coughing, wheezing, and worsened athsma symptoms (moderated evidence)
  8. No evidence available whether or not vaping effects pregnancy or fetal development
  9. Vaping does increase airborne concentration of key pollutants and nicotine indoors (conclusive evidence), however, second-hand exposure to nicotine and pollutants is lower from e-cigs
  10. E-cigs can explode and cause serious injury (conclusive evidence)
  11. Exposing yourself to e-liquids e.g. drinking or touching can lead to seizures, brain injury and/or vomiting (conclusive evidence)

The above is just a summary, and we recommend that you check out this article from the Business Insider which addresses each of the points in more detail:

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