New Nicotine Alliance: Challenging Prohibition Campaign

The New Nicotine Alliance UK (NNA) have launched a campaign against vaping bans that are becoming increasingly common throughout the country.  These bans prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes, despite vaping not being covered by the anti-smoking legislation.

In fact, blanketing vaping under the same rules as smoking can send out the wrong message of vaping being just as harmful as smoking even though many studies have proven that this is not the case.  Putting them under the same category can deter people from making the switch and continue to smoke cigarettes and damaging their health.

This video featuring Professor Gerry Stimson (Chair of NNA) discusses why vaping bans are unnecessary.

Click here to watch the full video

If you’d like to learn more about the NNA and what you can do to help, you can visit their Challenging Prohibition campaign page for more information.

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